Playing With Pinterest

So I’ve gotten around to creating a Pinterest page. So far, I’ve only got three boards going, but they’re loads of fun! It got me thinking about what kinds of things I would want to “pin” or that would make me go back to spending time on the site.


My current three boards are the following:

1. Books I Love – You can see my favorite romance books that I have loaded on my Kindle. I’ve been able to find a few fun teasers that go with them as well.

2. Inspiration – Let’s face it…a cute guy helps inspire my writing whenever I feel a bit stuck. Or at least it gives me something to gawk at!

3. My Books – A place to collect and showcase my covers and teasers.

Right now, using Pinterest is a bit of an experiment for me. I like seeing what I can find based on what I’ve already pinned. And I like to see what others re-pin from mine or who follow my boards. So far, I’ve learned that pictures of hot celebrities and guys get a lot of attention!

What’s really interesting to me is going to the general Pinterest page that gets customized for me after every use. Based on the interests I entered when signing up and the pins in my boards, I get other recommendations. I’ve already found 4 other romance books to try out based on this technique.

But I’m wondering how much more social Pinterest can become. I see that there’s an option of making a board private. Could you have a reader-writer private board where a writer can interact with just the readers? Would such a thing be interesting? Perhaps “casting” my books with celebrities would be an interesting board to come up with. Would love it if readers contributed to that as well!

I’m at the beginnings of my experiment, but so far it’s fun. And as far as I’m concerned, anything that’s fun is worth trying!