Rock & Rodeo Series

Welcome to the Rock & Rodeo, the premiere club with country fun on one side and rocking times on the other. We feature good service, special events, and live entertainment every week. Check us out! Ladies Night every Thursday! And keep watching for new announcements!

Each story in the series is a complete stand-alone, but reading them in order will help build the overall tale of those who work hard, live hard, and love hard at the R&R.

Sweet Melody Warmer Cover High Res

Sweet Melody — Book 1: Mel, the sexy rocker bartender, switches sides of the Rock & Rodeo club because nobody has captured her heart or mind like Hunter, the sexy, drop dead gorgeous singer of Tailgate Down, a country band playing its last concert before heading to Nashville. She has one last shot to capture his attention and his heart. When he falls for her, she must decide how far she will go for love. Will they always make sweet music together? Available Now on Amazon and as part of Kindle UnlimitedOn Sale for $0.99!!

Warm Body Cover Template2Warm Body — Book 2: Kali, the new bartender at the Rock & Rodeo, hides secrets behind her pretty face. Frozen by her experiences, she hides from life to avoid hurting anyone with her pain and fear until a sexy CEO billionaire warms her up. Will her past catch up with her and ruin her chances for friendship and more, or will she confront things the way a scotch-drinking rocker chick is supposed to—straight up? Available Now on Amazon and as part of Kindle Unlimited.

Honey Bee Cover Coming Soon Honey Bee — Book 3: COMING FEBRUARY 2015!!

Find out how Bethany copes when her best friend and her new roommate both find boyfriends and leave her behind in the game of love. Does “Bee”, the carefree R&R country blonde, really have it all with her freedom, or does she crave to have more than just fun with someone else?

Body Shots Cover Coming SoonBody Shots — Book 4: COMING MARCH 2015!!

Shane’s story.



A Rock & Rodeo Romance Tease Series

Sweet-Thing-A-Rock--Rodeo-Tease-1-Kindle Sweet Thing: — Tease 1

Mel opens her heart to her new boyfriend, Hunter Ford, and follows the sexy lead singer of the hottest new country band to Nashville. Stuck in limbo between her old life and her new one, she questions what happens next. After a racy night of romance, will Mel choose love?

Rock & Rodeo Tease 2 E Warm Thing — Tease 2: 

Justin McIntyre, the hot CEO billionaire, can’t find time to romance his girlfriend Kali, the hard rocking bartender at the Rock & Rodeo. Will his busy schedule and the growing distance between them ruin their relationship, or will they be able to make better choices and set their love back on course with a second chance?

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