Hey! My name’s Stacia (pronounced Stay-sha), and I’m happy to write salacious, naughty, risqué, bawdy, saucy, racy romance for you to enjoy!

Bathtub Gin

Here are some fun things about me:

I do like piña coladas, but not so much getting caught in the rain (love that song…couldn’t resist).

I’m a country girl, and I will shake it—but not necessarily for you (another favorite song of mine).

I’m also a Southern girl, so y’all know that sweet tea runs through my veins, hush puppies go with any meal, and eastern North Carolina barbecue is the best. No seriously—it is.

If I had to choose between a vacation house at the beach or mountains, I’d choose whichever house had the most wine and beer stocked.

I write lies for a living, or I try to make a living on my lies. It’s up to you whether or not to believe me or just enjoy the ride!

If you like any of my work, drop me a line to let me know. Better yet—drop a review, and then drop me a line so I can thank you!


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