Sweet Melody Book Launch for New Steamy Romance Series UPDATE with Launch Party!!

UPDATE: My friend and sister-in-writing, Lee Moore, is throwing me a launch party tonight on Facebook. There will be some book giveaways, so if you want to join, Friend me on Facebook and I’ll make sure you get an invite!!

I resisted the urge to run around my neighborhood in my shorts and t-shirt shouting, “It’s Live! It’s Live!” for a few reasons. One, it’s stinking cold and wet outside! Two, I think they’d be more alarmed at what might actually be alive. Three, I’d rather tell you directly!!

Sweet Melody Warmer Cover High Res

The first book in the new series is live on Amazon and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. So you can purchase the book, lend the book to a friend, or read it with your KU subscription.

For those who are interested on the origins of the R&R series, I wrote my first blog post about my inspiration. Sometimes observations of life can be a gold mine. Here’s the blurb for Sweet Melody:

Mel, the sexy rocker bartender, switches sides of the Rock & Rodeo club because nobody has captured her heart or mind like Hunter, the sexy, drop dead gorgeous singer of Tailgate Down, a country band playing its last concert before heading to Nashville. She has one last shot to capture his attention and his heart. When he falls for her, she must decide how far she will go for love. Will they always make sweet music together?

If you read it, you have my thanks for taking the time and enjoying the story. If you want to know when Book 2 will come out, join my Release List by emailing me at staciawriter(at)gmail(dot)com. You can also email me to let me know if you take the time to write a review to help others choose whether or not to read Sweet Melody so I can thank you!

I’ve got social media going, so:

Cover Reveal – For Real

In my last blog post, I teased my cover for the new series. The time has come, and I’m pleased to share with you the cover to Sweet Melody, the first book in the Rock & Rodeo Series.

Sweet Melody Warmer Cover High Res

I hope you like it. I’m posting the book today on Amazon, and am expecting it to launch tomorrow, Tuesday, January 13. Some people might think that it’s unlucky to publish on the 13th, but I’m thrilled since my lucky number has always been contrary to the general superstition!

Sweet Melody will be the first stand-alone book in a series that has a setting in common but will feature stories from different characters throughout the entire series. So if you’re along for the ride, hopefully it will be a long one together!

I’ll announce when the book is live here on my blog and on my Twitter @staciaunderwood. Stay Tuned!