Cover Reveal – For Real

In my last blog post, I teased my cover for the new series. The time has come, and I’m pleased to share with you the cover to Sweet Melody, the first book in the Rock & Rodeo Series.

Sweet Melody Warmer Cover High Res

I hope you like it. I’m posting the book today on Amazon, and am expecting it to launch tomorrow, Tuesday, January 13. Some people might think that it’s unlucky to publish on the 13th, but I’m thrilled since my lucky number has always been contrary to the general superstition!

Sweet Melody will be the first stand-alone book in a series that has a setting in common but will feature stories from different characters throughout the entire series. So if you’re along for the ride, hopefully it will be a long one together!

I’ll announce when the book is live here on my blog and on my Twitter @staciaunderwood. Stay Tuned!

How It All Began

One night, a girlfriend of mine convinced me that I’d been avoiding the girls in favor of my sweats and a glass of wine. She helped doll me up and took me out to a club I’d never been to. On one side, a country band played to a full house. On the other side, the rock vibe kept people dancing on the designated floor, in their seats, and even waiting in line to use the bathroom (ain’t we lucky to be girls?).

While the girls all found gentlemen to talk to, I spent the time on a bar stool watching and observing. It’s an occupational hazard when one has stories floating around in their brain all the time! But within those few hours where I watched, wondered, and marveled at the interaction between men and women, the idea for a new series bloomed. By the time I got home (and took off my high heels—another reason for females to give thanks), the Rock & Rodeo series was born!

And because I’m so excited, like any good preview, I’m going to reveal the cover before I publish!


But—that’s not it! You’ll have to stay tuned to see the reveal. Maybe even follow the blog to get a notification!