New Book & New Side Series Available Now!

Sorry I’ve been a bit absent. I’ll get back to giving my Romance Recommendation – Zoe Kazan Edition in a couple of days. But I’ve been busy adding to the R&R Family!

Introducing a new side series of shorts – The Rock & Rodeo Romance Tease series! The first one, Sweet Thing, is available now FREE for Kindle Unlimited or $.99 on Amazon.


The short is a perfect read to prepare you for Valentine’s Day! As with all the R&R pieces, it stands on its own. But you may enjoy it more if you sample the other books in the Rock & Rodeo Romance Series with Sweet Melody and Warm Body, both available for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!


Sweet Melody Warmer Cover High Res                                                               Warm Body Cover Template2

So where does Sweet Thing fit? Chronologically, it fits in between Sweet Melody and Warm Bodypicking up in the middle of Mel’s new life in Nashville with hot country singer, Hunter Ford. The story will give you a tease of their romantic life.

Mel Sweet Thing Teaser 2

But what about Kali & Justin from Warm Body? Never fear…before Valentine’s Day hits, their Rock & Rodeo Romance Tease, Warm Thing, releases! Again, you can read it without having read the rest of the stories, but it will add to the characters and their journeys as the tease bridges the gap between Warm Body and the upcoming Honey Bee: Rock & Rodeo Book 3. Here’s the upcoming cover for Warm Thing:

Rock & Rodeo Tease 2 E

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The Rock & Rodeo Communications Part 1

So today, I’ve been busy writing and taking my poor Macbook laptop to Apple to see if there’s a way to get it to stop having such bad lag. Of course, all that effort and time to hear that it’s most likely a user problem. Is there an app to fix that???

Anyway, while waiting for my Genius help, I happened to notice some of the interactions between our favorites from Sweet Melody and the Rock & Rodeo! Thought I would share it here in case others were just as nosy as I am!!



And Bethany shared with me her texts with Mel. Those two girls are going to miss the heck out of each other when and if Mel heads to Nashville permanently.


I can’t wait to spend more time at the R&R and meet even more awesome people. They are such characters!!

Day After Celebrations

There are many things I am celebrating today! But first things first—thanks for helping to make my book launch day a success. I woke up this morning to a very nice surprise of being ranked in the Hot New Releases for Western Romance!


I think I disturbed my cat with all of my victory dancing. Or perhaps that was just her reaction to my serious morning bed head bouncing up and down with me. Either way, I’m grateful to everyone who’s taken a chance on Sweet Melody.

My friend and fellow author, Lee Moore, threw me a book launch party on Facebook last night. I couldn’t have had more fun! Through a game, we offered free ebook copies to the trivia winners. In keeping with the theme of the Rock & Rodeo club in the book, we asked questions centered around westerns. See if you know the answers to some of the questions:

What’s the name of one of the big spaghetti westerns starring Clint Eastwood?

What country band turned the ’90’s pop song “Life Is A Highway” into a country hit in 2006 for the Disney movie “Cars”?

What awards show do Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood host?

There are many sci-fi shows and movies that have been dubbed or are considered “space westerns”. What’s the name of one of the franchises? (there are several answers that were accepted)

So now that the celebration has happened, it’s back to business as usual. I’ve got Rock & Rodeo Book 2 to get ready to be released this month and the first book in a contemporary romance series to keep writing. And just to show the proof of what made me dance around like a fool this morning, I got a screenshot!

Rankings Pic