Cover Reveal for Rock & Rodeo Book 2

I am getting Book 2 ready for release (and already working to get Book 3 out soon after). I’m so excited about this second story because it not only hooks in to the Rock & Rodeo world, it tells Kali’s story. Truth be told, at first I thought I’d miss Mel, but she crept back in to the story in a fabulous way. While you can read the book as a standalone and without reading Sweet Melody, Book 2 will follow nicely and expand the R&R world that hooked you in Book 1.

In a former post, I admitted to a title change of Book 2. And now, here’s the cover:

Warm Body Cover Template2

Again, I’m really excited about sharing Kali’s journey with you. With every story, the R&R world expands, evolves, and opens itself for new possibilities. There are more books to come in the series as well as a nice surprise for February. If you’d like to be notified of new releases, let me know and I’ll add you to the list. Keep an eye out for Warm Body!


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