Warm Body – Rock & Rodeo Book 2 Is Live!!

This announcement is coming a day earlier than I expected, and I couldn’t be more excited! Warm BodyRock & Rodeo Book 2 is available to read through Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! The Rock & Rodeo family is growing, and the new stand-alone story will help you meet Kali, who gets her very own journey!

Warm Body Cover Template2

When I came up with the concept for R&R, I had no idea how much fun I would have “living” in that world. I just hope that the enjoyment comes through in the newest story. Here’s the teaser:

Kali, the new bartender at the Rock & Rodeo, hides secrets behind her pretty face. Frozen by her experiences, she hides from life to avoid hurting anyone with her pain and fear until a sexy CEO billionaire warms her up. Will her past catch up with her and ruin her chances for friendship and more, or will she confront things the way a scotch-drinking rocker chick is supposed to—straight up?

Sweet Melody and Warm Body are just the first two stories for the Rock & Rodeo Romance Series (Hint: There are two more coming out in February). There are more coming! If you want to keep up with the most current news, sign up for the Rock & Rodeo Mailing List!

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You don’t have to read Book 1 to enjoy Book 2, but if you haven’t read Sweet Melody, then now’s the time to try it. It’s part of Kindle Unlimited, but it’s also on sale for $0.99! See why it’s being called, “Hot, sweet, sexy” and “A very well-written steamy romance”.

And if that’s not enough to tempt you, I’ll leave you with some words from Justin, Kali’s love interest in Warm Body:

Friday Flirt Warm Body

Cover Reveal for Rock & Rodeo Book 2

I am getting Book 2 ready for release (and already working to get Book 3 out soon after). I’m so excited about this second story because it not only hooks in to the Rock & Rodeo world, it tells Kali’s story. Truth be told, at first I thought I’d miss Mel, but she crept back in to the story in a fabulous way. While you can read the book as a standalone and without reading Sweet Melody, Book 2 will follow nicely and expand the R&R world that hooked you in Book 1.

In a former post, I admitted to a title change of Book 2. And now, here’s the cover:

Warm Body Cover Template2

Again, I’m really excited about sharing Kali’s journey with you. With every story, the R&R world expands, evolves, and opens itself for new possibilities. There are more books to come in the series as well as a nice surprise for February. If you’d like to be notified of new releases, let me know and I’ll add you to the list. Keep an eye out for Warm Body!


Title Change for Rock & Rodeo Book 2

When I format and create an ebook, I have an opportunity to add back matter. Thank you, the reader, for reading it. Give places you can find me, like Twitter or Facebook. There’s also a chance to tell you to watch out for the next book in the series. At the end of Sweet Melody, I mentioned that Book 2 in the Rock & Rodeo Romance series will be released in January 2015.

I’m still on target for releasing Book 2 in January (email me staciawriter(at)gmail(dot)com to get on the mailing list to hear as soon as it’s released). But—there has been a change in title. If you want to see the original concept, you’ll have to read to the very end of Sweet Melody to see what I had called it. And while it seems a little more salacious, I would add that the phrase is a way to request a pour of such alcohol as scotch.

Sticking with that theme, I changed things to still stay with scotch, this time as a way to describe it. Of course, I always choose titles with double meanings.

There will be a cover reveal soon, but for now, I’m sharing the new title for the Rock & Rodeo Romance series Book 2:

Warm Body Cover Reveal

And as a bonus, I’ll share last night’s Facebook exchange between Mel and Hunter from Sweet Melody who are missing each other while she helps out Kali from Warm Body.